Nearly fifty years ago, John Oliver expanded his efforts beyond his nursery gardens to leave a lasting impression on many surrounding landscapes. His imaginative solutions are still evident in the gardens he created. Today our design team strives to continue this work. From the highest level of workmanship to the finest selection of plants, we take pride in everything we do.

  • Landscaping Services Design/Construction
  • Conceptual Landscape Plans
  • Masonry, Driveway and Site Plans
  • Site Construction
  • Planting Installations

    On-site Consultation
    Please contact us to have an Oliver Design Associate arrange an initial on-site consultation to discuss your property and future plans.
    There is no charge for this service.

    Landscape Plan
    Some designs schemes do not require a fully conceived landscape drawing. Projects of a larger size and complexity will be provided with a plan if needed at an additional charge. This will be determined by you and an Oliver Design Associate at the initial consultation.

    Depending on the size and scope of the design scheme, installation occurs in a series of phases, or on a single day or series of days for less complex designs. Scheduling is dependent on the time of year and plant availability. All materials purchased from and planted by Oliver Design Associates are guaranteed for 2 years if invoices are paid in full within 30 days.

    Upon completion of your project proper care is critical for the long-term success, viability, and health of your plants. To make this easier for you, please contact us to discuss a maintenance program.
Entrance to the Grounds
Matt Almy, Jim Gerrity, and Will Hibbs in the office
Jim Gerrity at the drawing table
Working on a design by hand at the drawing table
Matt Almy at the drawing table
Finished project drawing and tools on the drawing table
Will Hibbs working at his desk
Working on a design by hand at the drawing table
Jim Gerrity looking through the flat files
Will Hibbs working on a design on the drawing table
Will Hibbs' business card and notes
2013 A List award and inspirational vintage books about plants in office shelves
Colored pencils and Prismacolor markers
AtHome magazines on the coffee table
Associate at desk
Sketchbook, pencil and gift cards on desk