Photo of Matt Almy

Matt Almy

Landscape Designer

A real outdoorsman, Matt began working at Oliver’s as a teen, unloading trucks and tending to plants. During a summer spent hiking the Appalachian Trail, he realized that landscape and gardening are his calling. After managing the nursery here and then owning his own business for five years, Matt returned to Oliver’s in a design role. A dwarf conifer and rock garden enthusiast, he works closely with clients to select plant material—occasionally converting novices into gardening buffs. He thrives on overcoming challenges to create designs that clients love.

Photo of Will Hibbs

Will Hibbs

Landscape Designer

Will, who grew up coming to Oliver’s with his father, has been working outside for as long as he can remember—first as a teen mowing lawns then selling for the nursery and joining an installation crew and now as a designer. He has a degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University and enjoys the balance of working for a design/build firm. “One day I’ll be sitting at my desk designing, the next I’m out in the field,” he says. “It’s great to be a part of the whole process.”